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Cutouts and Fuse Links

Equipment to protect against

faults and over-current conditions on power distribution systems.

- Open-Type Cutouts

- Linkbreak Cutouts

- Loadbreak Cutouts

- Cutout-Arrester Combinations

- Polymer Cutouts

- Primary Fuse Links

Cable Accessories

Underground rubber, plastic and systems


- Loadbreak Switching

- Deadbreak Products

- Cable Splicing

- Cable Terminations

Current-Limiting Fuses

Partial-range fuses to provide equipment and personnel protection in overhead or

underground high fault-current situations.

- K-Mate® Overhead Fuses

- Vacuum Switchgear Fuses

Resettable Sectionalizers

The sectionalizer offers a convenient way of isolating sections of distribution systems in the event of a permanent fault, while

eliminating outages due to temporary faults. The resettable design eliminates the need to change the consumable actuator every

time the sectionalizer operates.

Overhead Distribution Switch

Equipment used to control and route the flow of power through electrical lines.

- Hookstick Switches

- Automation-Ready Switches

- Line Tension Disconnects

- By-Pass Switches

- Motor Operators

Underground Switches

Dead-front units for underground

distribution sectionalizing in a wide variety of circuit configurations.

- Pad-Mounted Switches

- Switch-Fuse Cabinets

- Air-Insulated Switches

- Motor Operators


Equipment to protect against overvoltages such as lightning

or switching.

- Station Class (Polymer & Porcelain)

- Protecta*Lite® Systems (Polymer)

- Intermediate Class (Polymer)

- Distribution Class (Polymer)

- ANSI and IEC Designs

- Riser Pole (Polymer)

- Polymer Distribution Arrester

Hotline Tools

All types of tools mounted on Epoxiglas® insulated poles. Used to maintain energized

high-voltage lines.

- Insulated Hand-Held Sticks

- Telescoping Tools

- Conductor-Support Tools

- Deadend Tools

- Jumpering Equipment

- Insulated Hot-Line Ladders

- Platforms and Accessories

- Rubber Line Hose

- Insulated Load-Handling Tools

- Cover-Up and Barriers

- Meters and Instruments

- Storage and Transport Trailers

Capstan Hoist

Powered hoists and accessories for load handling applications.

- Gasoline-Powered

- Electric-Powered (DC and AC)

- Hydraulic-Powered

- Portable Anchor Installers

Temporary Grounding Equipment

Clamps and accessories to help promote the safety of linemen while doing maintenance work on temporarily “dead” lines.

- Grounding Clamps

- Grounding Cable

- Substation-Grounding Sets

- Underground Distribution Grounding Sets

Field Test Equipment

Used by utilities and contractors

to test cables, transformers, reclosers and other equipment.

- Cable Fault Locators

- Fault Locating Radar

- Hipot Testers

- Dielectric Testers

- Circuit Breaker Test Sets

- Microhmeter/Megohmeters

- Vacuum Bottle Testers

Construction Tools

Tools and accessories for building overhead, outside plant and underground power lines.

- Chain Hoists

- Nylon Strap Hoists

- Construction Ladders

- Ropes and Slings

- Bags and Buckets

- Pole-Handling Tools

Strategic Trade Products

Specializing in Power Distribution for Overhead, Underground, Telecommunications,

Industrial, Factory, and Other Custom Engineered Products

Anchors and Foundations

Anchors help hold erect overhead

power and communication lines. Foundations support towers, streetlight standards and apparatus.

- Screw Anchors

- Expanding Anchors

- Plate Anchors

- Rock Anchors

- Installing Tools

- Foundation Screw Piles

- HeliCAP™Engineering Software


Formed-Wire Products

Precision machine-spiralled wire products for deadending and conductor tying.

Deadend Grips for Guy Strand Insulator Ties

Splices, Deadends, Dampers, Fittings and Accessories

- Automatic Line Splices

- GDW Wedge Deadend

- Compression Fittings

- Stockbridge Dampers

Construction Tools

Polymer insulators for transmission and distribution lines.

Transmission Insulators

- Suspension Insulators

- Line Post Insulators

- Station Post Insulators

Distribution Insulators

- Suspension Insulators

- Station Post Insulators

Pole Line Hardware

Galvanized-steel and Aluminum fixtures and extruded plastic materials are used in overhead, outside plant and underground line construction.

- Anchor Rods

- Bolts & Nuts

- Brackets & Plates

- Cable Clamps

- Cable Guards

- Cable Positioners

- Cable Racks

- Cable Route Markers

- Capacitor Racks

- Clevises & Wireholders

- Conduit Standoffs

- Fiberglass Pedestals

- Ground Rods

- Ground-Rod Clamps

- Guy Guards

- Guying Bolts & Clamps

- Hangers

- Manhole Ladders

- Pins & Racks

- Platforms

- Pole Bands

- Pole Steps

- Staples

- Steel Suspension Arms

- Transformer Mounts

Narrow-Profile Fiber Glass Construction

Pole-framing accessories and conductor accessories for electrical transmission

and distribution systems.

- Poletop Pins

- Vertical Pins

- Horizontal Pins

- Apparatus Mounts

- Deadend Arms

- Guy Strain Insulators

Connectors & Compression Tools

Transmission, distribution and substation products, including connectors, clamps, line and tower hardware, compression

tools and accessories.

- Hot Line Clamps

- Stirrup Clamps

- Suspension Clamps

- Deadend Clamps

- Substation Connectors

- Compression Products

- Vise-Type Connectors

- Versa-Crimp® Tools